Previous releases (6.6)

This is the list of Worldwide Combos patch notes, in chronological order.

Release 6.6.1


  • Fixed several issues related to the tournament system.
  • Fixed an issue related to the Statistics page not loading properly.
  • Removed a dead link from the Statistics page, and added missing records.

Release 6.6


  • Made changes to the rating system.
    • Winning by more than 3 KOs now grants the same rating change as winning by 3 KOs.
    • When a player disconnects or tops out on purpose, the final score is determined by adding the minimal number of KOs to the remaining players such that the round would end at that time (would always be a 7 KOs gap before).
    • Increased the minimal rating deviation on No Limit Arena, Tuning Limit Arena and featured rulesets.
    • Added back rating decay.
  • Made changes to the matchmaking algorithm.
    • The bot can now be disabled in "Tuning Limit Arena" and "No Limit Arena".
    • Placement matches (versus the bot) are still mandatory.
    • Since some players seemingly disabled these two rulesets just to avoid playing the bot, these filters have been enabled again (of course you may disable them again if you want).
    • Changes were also made to make matchmaking faster in average, as well as reduce the odds of facing the same opponent several times in a row.
  • Fixed an issue related to the rating recalculation algorithm.
  • Fixed an issue related to multiplayer replays saving.
  • Changes to the rating system described above roughly apply to tournament open phases.
    • One major difference is about rating decay: there is no rating decay during the late registration period, but there is one penalty point per minute of inactivity.
    • The other change is that, when in queue, the matchmaking algorithm considers that a player's rating is at least the current rating limit.
  • Added an "immunity" period after an open phase win.
    • When a player wins a round, this player cannot be eliminated in the next 30 seconds, even if this player is neither in queue nor in game.
  • When the server restarts in the middle of an open phase, the rating limit and the late registration deadline are delayed by 2 minutes.
  • Fixed an issue related to rating changes, specifically for open phase rounds.
  • Greatly improved the open phase update algorithm performance.
Other improvements
  • Updated the way multiplayer games are counted in the statistics.
  • In the statistics page, added all-time records data.
    • This tracks records starting from this update, older records are hence not taken into account.
  • Made various server-side optimizations.