Discord Bot

This is all you need to know to setup Worldwide Supervisor on your own server.

Worldwide Supervisor

Worldwide Supervisor is Worldwide Combos's official Discord bot. Nowadays Worldwide Supervisor is a public bot, meaning that everyone may add it to their own server.

Why use Worldwide Supervisor?

Worldwide Supervisor provides two main features.

  • Access all the bot commands: you will be able to fetch website data through the bot, such as user ranks, online players, synchronization between Discord and Worldwide Combos, etc...
  • Enable notifications: the bot can post official tournament notifications on the channel(s) of your choice, so that people in your server do not forget about them. Also, having people share a common server with this bot lets them receive private Discord notifications (provided they subscribed to them).

Adding the bot to your server

First of all, make sure that you have enough rights on the server to add a bot. Then, add Worldwide Supervisor through this link: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=484118470288474123&scope=bot.

The bot joins with no particular permission. It means that you should make sure the bot can read and/or write in the channels you want it to be working.

To enable notifications: you need administrator rights to do that. Type w!livefeed on to turn on notifications in a channel and w!livefeed off to turn them off.

Basic bot use

In all servers other than the Worldwide Combos server, you need to use the w! prefix. Type w!help to get a list of all available commands. Note that, some of the "troll" features are disabled outside the official server and some others are hidden (no worries though, they don't do anything annoying/dangerous).