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Two new official rulesets on Worldwide Combos!

Created on 2020-05-20, last modified on 2020-05-20.

New official rulesets on Worldwide Combos!

No Limit Deadline and Tuning Limit Deadline are now official rulesets. As for other rulesets, you may disable them in the filters menu.

For a little while I wanted to complete the game offer on the site with a mode dedicated to combos, it has now become a reality! Since it is a brand new mode, it might not worked as expected nor be perfectly balanced, therefore please make any feedback that comes to your mind when playing it. By the way, many thanks to the few people that helped me testing it before its official release!

On Sunday, 19:00 UTC, there will be a Tuning Limit Deadline tournament with 800 coins of prize pool (same distribution as Season 2 Events + 100 coins for open phase 1st). It will help me figure out more in detail if this mode is competition-ready or not. See you there, and enjoy the Deadline modes by then!



Details about Deadline modes
  • This game entirely revolves around combos: perform the biggest combos you can!
  • When you start a combo you need to perform the next line clear before the "deadline": this deadline is measured in number of blocks, for instance if the deadline is 3 then you may place three blocks without clearing lines, then clear a line with the fourth one and continue your combo.
  • The deadline resets at every line clear, and is visible in the bottom-left corner.
  • Perfect clears still sends lines like in other rulesets. Spins, Back-to-backs, and other attacking strategies do not send additional lines.
  • The randomizer is memoryless.

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